How-to for Recruiters


Please also see our detailed guide for the recruiters and feel free contact us in case of any questions.

MoBerries Recruiter account acts as intermediary between recruiters/headhunters and the employers.

We combine the power of highly skilled recruiters with our AI based matching algorithm to create one easily accessible platform of great candidates.

Candidates receive great opportunities, employers benefit from skilled candidates and the recruiters get rewarded for each successful hire.

Get Started

Step 1

Sign-up and set up your professional recruiter account on our online platform.

Step 2

Source skilled candidates: Find and source candidates by inviting them to the platform with your personalised invitation URL.

  • All invited candidates belong to you
  • Oversee & Manage candidates from within your dashboard
  • Automatically leverage our sourcing to find your candidates opportunities

Step 3

Now, it's our turn. Our platform will start matching your invited candidates to the best fitting job positions from our company network. Should a company accept a candidate, you will be notified. Once your candidate is successfully hired, you will be rewarded with the hiring fee.

Your Benefits

  • Candidate Management: Create your own candidate pool and manage profiles easily online on our platform
  • Status Updates: Follow the application progress and receive updates about a candidate accepting an offer, getting invited for an interview and getting hired
  • Guaranteed Rewards: Get paid after a successful hire and completed first month of employment
  • Recruit with confidence: You retain the ownership of the candidate profile for 12 months after you submit the candidate.
  • Streamlined Sourcing: No need to look for companies and try to find a contact with HR managers. We solve it for you.