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Candidate Interview with Federico Cassettai

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For our Ironhack x MoBerries series, we spoke to Federico Cassettai. After going through the Web Development bootcamp at Ironhack, he signed up at MoBerries to find a new job, where he was quickly hired by MoBerries itself as a Javascript developer.  

Why did you choose Ironhack over a university/other courses? 

The amount of time a university degree can take can be well over four years. Ironhack is a three-months bootcamp which of course is rather intense however, I feel like this is what makes it so effective. Further, I wanted to go down a quite practical road as opposed to university which is generally more theoretical, to be able to instantly apply all that I learned. I chose Ironhack specifically because they offer courses which include current programs and applications that are in very high demand in the job market.  

What did you learn at Ironhack and how would you describe the experience? 

I took the Web Development course at Ironhack, so now I am simply put, able to build web applications. As for the overall experience of the bootcamp, I feel like Ironhack really considered the fact that their students do spend the majority of their time on campus during these months. Their facilities are built and set up in a way which enables you to be productive but also allows you to relax during breaks. As I already mentioned, I chose a bootcamp because I wanted to have more practical knowledge. The teachers at Ironhack worked in their fields for quite some time and I think you can really tell in their way of choosing and teaching the content.

Do you think Ironhack gave you an advantage in the job market and why? 

Yeah, definitely! I believe that technical skills are in very high demand right now and Ironhack teaches you everything you need to know to have said required skills. You also have to finish multiple projects during the course, which gives you a great basis to prove and show your proficiency to possible future employers. 

To whom would you recommend Ironhack? 

I mainly would recommend Ironhack to everyone who wants to start a career in tech and basically starts with minor to no knowledge. They tailored the courses to fit everyone, without requiring any specific prior skills or knowledge. However, you will have to bring motivation and ambition as bootcamps are generally rather intense. 

Any tips on how to prepare/get through the course smoothly? 

You will have to do some pre-work, before you can join the camp and I highly recommend to really go through this attentively. As long as you get this information down to the core, you will not have any trouble during the actual course. 

Any tips on how to find a job? 

The last week of the bootcamp was solely dedicated to practicing and preparing for Interviews including personal and technical questions, body language and all sorts of other information regarding self-presentation. They make sure that you are not only prepared for working but also for the process of finding a job. After the bootcamp, there is also a hiring fair, where companies can come to the campus which gives the students a chance to network and the possibility to find a job. 

How was your experience with MoBerries?

When I started my job search I used several job platforms, including MoBerries, to look for a job. I definitely liked MoBerries best due to its simplicity and user-friendliness and of course because of the fact that there is no need for a cover letter or multiple different applications. I got many matches from great companies, one of them being MoBerries itself, which then led to an interview and this is how I got to be a part of the MoBerries team.

What are your goals for the future jobwise?

I definitely want to stay in my current career and as I am now a Junior Developer, the next step would be to become a Senior. As for further education, I could see myself doing another bootcamp to broaden my field of expertise however, right now I am more than happy with where I am. 

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