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MoBerries' Interview with EIGENSONNE (Part 1/2)

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EIGENSONNE GmbH was founded in 2017 with a focus on renewable energy. We have our office in Berlin, but beyond that we also have monthly teams and warehouses in 17 different locations across Germany.

EIGENSONNE wants to make it possible for everyone to produce their own solar power. That is why we rent and sell photovoltaic systems, electricity storage, and charging stations via video call, telephone, and external partners.  The special incentive at EIGENSONNE: At heart, we are a digitized craft business, but also a tech startup, distribution company, and energy service provider. Our goal is to equip every roof in Europe with an EIGENSONNE system.

Describe EIGENSONNE's value proposition:

Our value proposition at EIGENSONNE can be described as follows:

But what do these terms mean to us exactly?

SUSTAINABILITY = Our products and actions make long-term sense for society and the environment.

FAIRNESS = We are honest and always act in the interest of our team and customers.

TRANSPARENCY = We believe in the maturity of our customers and our team. Therefore, we are open and avoid favoritism, secrecy, and untruths - even if it hurts sometimes.

PIONEERING SPIRIT = We constantly reinvent ourselves to become even better.

EMPOWERMENT = We enable self-sufficiency because acting independently makes you happy and leads to better results - in the team and for our customers. This also means that we value the autonomy of the individual.

RELIABILITY = We remain true to ourselves, our promises, and our values.

JOY = We want our efforts to result in joy for our team, customers, and partners. Without joy in our work or in our products, we are not successful.

DIVERSITY = We know that the best decisions are the fruit of discussions that consider multiple points of view. That's why we strive for a good mix in the team, in every respect - gender, nationality, age, sexual orientation, personality,...

ZEN MIND, BEGINNER'S MIND = "In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert's there are few." Therefore, we encourage interdisciplinarity, lateral thinking, idiosyncrasy, and impartiality.

How would you describe your team mentality?

Our team mentality at EIGENSONNE is full of energy and drive, it is critical, dynamic, and occasionally, positively chaotic.

What does EIGENSONNE offer its employees? Are there any special team activities?

We offer our employees a wide range of opportunities to develop! We back this up with a generous training budget, a steep learning curve, a great team feeling, flexible working hours on the basis of trust, employee discounts, partial financing of the BVG ticket. There are a variety of team events, such as summer parties and various bonus models depending on the team.

What makes EIGENSONNE a unique employer?

EIGENSONNE lives the startup culture through and through. Everyone at our company has the opportunity to contribute in an interdisciplinary way. For this purpose, we work in so-called "guilds". Would you like to get involved in the construction area as a sales employee? Join the Construction Guild!

Apart from our values, nothing is set in stone at EIGENSONNE. You see potential for improvement in an existing process? Let's try! 

There is no fixed and rigid career plan, instead, everyone finds their own path and writes their own development story.  If you find that a job is not right for you, we always offer you the opportunity to try out a new area.

What does a working day at EIGENSONNE look like? (What kind of work environment? What challenges?)

In short: Always different, always exciting.

For EIGENSONNE, what are the main characteristics that are important in a good applicant?

A lot of energy, the will to make a difference, is a good team fit, and a lot of initiative and professional expertise.

You want to actively fight climate change and help to expand renewable energies in Germany. Then apply now at EIGENSONNE - simple and fast via MoBerries. Simply upload your CV, complete your profile in a few steps, and get matched with suitable EIGENSONNE jobs and jobs from other major partners - 100% free and transparent.


Would you like to learn more about how MoBerries supports EIGENSONNE in recruiting? Then read the second part of our case study here.

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