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EOS x Virtual Recruiters: Active sourcing in debt collection and finance

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Get to know EOS:

EOS offers customized financial services and debt collection solutions with over 40 years of experience. With operations in 25+ countries and a team of 7,500 dedicated employees, EOS is committed to helping businesses and individuals overcome financial challenges and achieve their goals. Their range of services includes debt purchasing, debt collection, and receivables management, all tailored to the specific needs of clients using cutting-edge technology and data analytics. EOS adheres to the highest ethical and legal standards and is committed to supporting small business owners and multinational corporations alike in navigating the dynamic financial landscape.

How did you first hear about MoBerries?

As a company with extensive experience and a wide network in the financial services industry, staying up-to-date with cutting-edge solutions and technologies is crucial to us. During our intensive market monitoring and research on recruiting solutions, we became aware of MoBerries, an innovative platform that facilitates the efficient recruitment of highly qualified professionals. After careful consideration, we decided to partner with MoBerries to fill our long-standing vacancies.

Which position did you fill with MoBerries’ Virtual Recruiters?

MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters facilitated the filling the Head of Finance and Accounting role. Given our extensive experience in financial services, we prioritize managers with suitable qualifications and suitable expertise. With MoBerries' innovative active sourcing approach, we received a pool of highly qualified candidates that precisely matched our position requirements within a short timeframe.

What were the challenges you faced while recruiting hard-to-fill positions before using Virtual Recruiters? 

As a company that recruits executives, we frequently encounter the challenge of identifying qualified candidates with the required expertise and experience, as well as a good fit with our team and corporate culture. This process of creating job postings and conducting candidate searches can be time-consuming and detract from other operational tasks.

To address these challenges, we examined our practices before adopting Virtual Recruiters. We found that traditional methods of candidate acquisition can be inefficient and time-consuming, especially since the number of actively seeking candidates is decreasing. Therefore, we sought a solution that would enable us to target passive candidates effectively.

How have MoBerries’ Virtual Recruiters impacted your processes?

MoBerries Virtual Recruiters have had a positive impact on our job posting and candidate search processes. Thanks to their innovative technology, we have saved valuable time and resources by quickly identifying highly qualified candidates for open positions.

Moreover, MoBerries enabled the streamlining of  the entire recruitment process, which has resulted in increased efficiency. In the past, we often received irrelevant or insufficient candidate applications, which led to extended job vacancies. However, with MoBerries' pre-qualified candidates, we have reduced our time-to-hire by 43%, as we can directly invite the incoming candidates for interviews. We value MoBerries' contribution to our recruitment success and highly recommend their services.

How was your experience implementing MoBerries?

The setup of MoBerries Virtual Recruiters was a seamless and effortless process for our team. MoBerries' user-friendly and intuitive platform facilitated swift integration into our established workflows, thereby expediting familiarity.

Before launching the Virtual Recruiters campaign, we meticulously defined our criteria and preferences, and furnished the requisite job post to source eligible candidates. We were impressed by the expediency with which Virtual Recruiters identified numerous qualified and suitable candidates. Their flexibility in conforming to our specific needs was noteworthy.

In sum, our experience with MoBerries was exceedingly positive, and we remain impressed by the platform's diverse capabilities.

What are the advantages of MoBerries’ Virtual Recruiters?

Virtual Recruiters have numerous benefits that greatly enhance the recruitment process. One of the primary advantages is the personalized and targeted approach to candidates through LinkedIn, which emphasizes the importance of treating applicants as individuals rather than just numbers in a system. This approach has proven successful as Virtual Recruiters can address each candidate individually, leading to an increase in the number of applicants and a strengthened employer brand, particularly during the campaign.

Additionally, using Virtual Recruiters saves valuable time and costs that were previously spent on manual searches for relevant candidates and contacting them. This solution provides access to a broad candidate database, significantly expanding the reach of job postings, and targeting both actively searching candidates and passive candidates who are currently employed but interested in career advancement.

Moreover, the ability to customize prescreening questions helps prescreen applicants, ensuring that only relevant candidates are invited for interviews. This feature is particularly useful in streamlining the recruitment process.

Lastly, Virtual Recruiters offer greater transparency in the recruitment process, providing performance metrics and advice to improve the external impact of the employer brand. This feature is especially useful for employers used to the traditional "post and pray" approach, as it offers a fresh perspective and innovative solution to finding highly qualified talent.

MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters provide an effective and innovative approach to recruitment that yields positive results while increasing efficiency.

How has your experience been with the MoBerries Team?

Our experience working with the MoBerries team has been extremely positive. The team was always professional, friendly and committed to ensuring that our requirements and needs were met.

The team's prompt and transparent communication, coupled with their swift problem-solving abilities, was particularly commendable. Our designated point of contact consistently provided competent and responsive assistance whenever we needed it.

Moreover, the MoBerries team extended their support in configuring the MoBerries Virtual Recruiters and seamlessly integrating it into our established processes. We were thoroughly satisfied with the team's attentiveness and reliability.

Overall, collaborating with the MoBerries team was a constructive experience that significantly enhanced our recruitment procedures and optimized our resource utilization.

What is your take on candidate quality?

Our HR department has reported increasing challenges in finding qualified candidates for management positions, particularly in financial services, due to specific skill and experience requirements. Our previous recruitment process was ineffective and lacked suitable candidates. However, by implementing MoBerries Virtual Recruiters, we were able to streamline the recruitment process and secure highly qualified applicants for the Finance and Accounting Management position. 

All applicants matched our requirements, enabling us to fill the position quickly and efficiently. Our experience with MoBerries has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are confident that integrating Virtual Recruiters into our recruitment process will continue to yield successful results in the future.

To whom would you recommend MoBerries’ Virtual Recruiters?

The HR department frequently reports that our organization faces mounting challenges in securing qualified candidates, particularly for management positions that require specialized financial services skills and experience. Prior to the implementation of MoBerries’ Virtual Recruiters, our recruitment process was hindered by the difficulty of finding suitable applicants and managing the process efficiently. With the aid of MoBerries, we have been able to streamline our recruitment procedures and attract highly qualified candidates for the role of Finance and Accounting Management.

All candidates identified and presented by MoBerries met our specific requirements, enabling us to swiftly and effectively fill the Finance and Accounting Lead position.

Our experience with MoBerries has been exceptionally positive, and we are pleased to have integrated Virtual Recruiters into our recruitment strategy. We are confident that MoBerries will continue to be a valuable partner in our efforts to identify and recruit the best-suited candidates for our organization.

Do you currently have hard-to-fill vacancies? MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters offers you an automated active sourcing tool that helps you fill high-priority vacancies. Book a call with our Experts to get more information about the Virtual Recruiter.

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