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Game-Changing Recruiting: Freaks 4U Gaming x MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters

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In the fast-paced and competitive gaming industry, recruiting qualified professionals is one of the biggest challenges for companies. Freaks 4U Gaming, a renowned 360-degree marketing and communications agency with a focus on gaming and esports, has found an innovative solution to overcome these challenges. In collaboration with MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters, Freaks 4U Gaming has implemented an effective recruitment method that has revolutionized traditional processes and increased the quality of incoming applicants.

More about Freaks 4U Gaming:

Freaks 4U Gaming is a marketing and communications agency focused on gaming and esports, offering services such as brand and marketing consulting, social media and community management, editorial services, event management and logistics, creative services, as well as media productions and other community-tailored solutions.

With a diverse service portfolio and a team of over 190 professionals in Europe, the United States, and Asia, Freaks 4U Gaming conducts top-notch integrated campaigns and strategies targeting gaming and esports audiences worldwide.

Which position did you fill using MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters?

With the help of MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters, we successfully filled our financial accountant position. In a fiercely competitive and demanding market, finding suitable talent was extremely challenging. We had already invested a lot of time in finding suitable candidates but had limited success. Given these challenges, we decided to try out MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters and achieved the desired success.

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How did you first hear about MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters?

Through our longstanding collaboration with MoBerries, we had previously posted and successfully filled several positions on their platform. These included positions such as our Head of Project Management, Team Lead Product Management, Graphic / Visual Designer, and many more.

During a conversation with our account manager, we were introduced to MoBerries' latest product, the Virtual Recruiters. This solution was presented to us as a way to acquire candidates for hard-to-fill positions. MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters utilize active sourcing and match potential profiles with the requirements of the open position to address candidates individually. Since we were already aware that we needed to focus more on active sourcing in the future to continue finding new talents successfully, we decided to give MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters a chance.

What challenges did you face in recruitment before using Virtual Recruiters?

Before using MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters, we faced several challenges in recruiting new employees. The gaming industry is known for its high demand for specialized professionals. Finding and hiring suitable candidates thus became a time-consuming task. Due to the relatively small size of our recruiting team, there was limited time available for active sourcing. Additionally, the number of direct applications had consistently decreased over the years, clearly indicating that the job market had changed. According to current statistics, over 70 % of candidates in the market are now passive. Therefore, it was clear to us that we needed to focus more on active sourcing to continue finding the right talents in the future.

Thanks to the introduction of Virtual Recruiters, we were able to overcome these challenges successfully. The automated active sourcing support allowed us to target candidates effectively, resulting in an increase in the response rate by almost 30 %. Furthermore, the Virtual Recruiters relieved our internal resources, allowing us to concentrate more on personal interaction with incoming applicants.

How has MoBerries' Virtual Recruiter impacted your processes?

The implementation of MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters has helped Freaks 4U Gaming make recruitment processes more efficient. The combination of automation and personalized approach enables us to initiate the application process more effectively. MoBerries analyzes the potential target audience, matches the requirements of open positions with all individuals within the target group, and identifies the most promising candidates. This saves us valuable time and allows us to focus on building relationships with our applicants.

What experiences did you have while setting up MoBerries?

The MoBerries team worked closely with our HR department to understand our specific requirements and customize the process accordingly. After filling out the requirements form and providing key information to MoBerries, our account manager took the time to have a conversation to understand what we specifically value in candidates.

Subsequently, the campaign was launched within 48 hours. The implementation process was efficient and smooth overall.

What are the advantages of MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters?

MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters offer numerous advantages for our company. One of the outstanding benefits is their ability to automate our acquisition process, saving valuable time and resources. Moreover, the quality of incoming applicants has improved, as the Virtual Recruiters now proactively engage with passive candidates, significantly expanding the target audience for our job postings. According to a study, the average response rate in active sourcing is 35 %, but we were able to achieve an impressive 60 % response rate in our Virtual Recruiters campaign.

Thanks to the high accuracy of incoming candidates, our hiring team could focus on evaluating the most relevant applicants. These profiles were provided to us by MoBerries in our personal Virtual Recruiters dashboard, making it easy to maintain an overview at all times. Typically, the incoming applicants are so qualified that we can directly arrange job interviews with them, keeping the effort for our recruiting department minimal and enabling us to design an efficient recruiting process.

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What is your take on candidate quality?

As mentioned before, the quality of applicants we received during our campaign was exceptionally high. Compared to other job platforms where we received more candidates but rarely ones that actually met our requirements, efficiency has significantly improved. Our hiring managers now utilize the saved time to build relationships with suitable candidates, helping us retain new talents in the long run. We greatly appreciate that MoBerries has helped us save time while simultaneously enhancing the quality of applicant selection.

Who would you recommend MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters to?

We recommend MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters to all companies looking for an innovative and effective solution for their candidate acquisition process. The combination of automation and personal engagement offers a unique approach to identifying and attracting qualified professionals. We would also like to emphasize that the efficiency, accuracy, and time-saving benefits we gained through the use of MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters exceeded our expectations. Thanks to the Virtual Recruiters, we took our first solid steps toward active sourcing and quickly found the right candidate for our financial accountant position.

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