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MetPro x Virtual Recruiters: Streamlining Recruitment in the Packaging Industry

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About MetPro:

The MetPro Verpackungs-Service GmbH is a globally active company in the packaging industry, with its headquarters located in Jesewitz near Leipzig. The company currently employs around 60 people. In 2020, MetPro Verpackungs-Service GmbH generated an annual revenue of approximately 23 million euros. The company specializes in producing high-quality corrosion protection and export packaging for various industries. MetPro’s solutions are in use around the world, ensuring that high-value industrial goods arrive safely at their destination. MetPro is committed to sustainability and innovation in the packaging industry and is a professional partner to the industry for all packaging-related matters.

How did you first hear about MoBerries?

We first came across MoBerries via LinkedIn when we were in the process of building our "recruiting portfolio" with modern recruiting solutions. Ultimately, we chose MoBerries as our recruiting partner because it's significantly more cost-effective than working with staffing firms that basically do the same thing. It's also cheaper than doing active sourcing ourselves, both in terms of personnel effort and time.

Which position did you fill with MoBerries’ Virtual Recruiters?

As a rapidly growing company in transition, we currently have many open positions. Through our collaboration with MoBerries Virtual Recruiters, we were able to successfully fill one of our procurement positions.

What were the challenges you faced while recruiting hard-to-fill positions before using Virtual Recruiters? 

Finding suitable candidates for our in demand positions was often a challenge for us. We put a lot of time and effort into sifting through applications, and often it was difficult to identify suitable candidates.

As a result, we were looking for a more effective recruiting process that would save us time and resources while providing us with qualified candidates.

Before using MoBerries Virtual Recruiters, we mainly used social media recruiting through platforms such as Instagram and Facebook for our recruitment processes. To fill urgent positions, we looked for new possibilities and came across MoBerries Virtual Recruiters, which we used for our active sourcing on LinkedIn.


The biggest difference here was the selection rate. While we could only identify an average of 4% of incoming applications as relevant in social media recruiting, through MoBerries Virtual Recruiters, we invited 80% of the incoming applicants to a job interview.

How have MoBerries’ Virtual Recruiters impacted your processes?

Since we started using MoBerries' Virtual Recruiter, nothing has changed in the basic process. However, our selection rate has improved significantly, as many of the proposed candidates are very accurate.

As a benchmark, about 90-95% of the selected profiles fit, and the initial interviews are usually positive.

Are you also looking for suitable candidates for your long-vacant positions? MoBerries Virtual Recruiters help you find tailored candidates through automated Active Sourcing.

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How was your experience implementing MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters?

Overall, setting up Virtual Recruiter was very easy from our end. We found our consultant Dustin to be professional and knowledgeable. Dustin was always available, and he always took the time to assist us directly when we had any questions or requested changes.

The only thing to keep in mind before launching a campaign is that due to the high level of personalization in the campaigns, MoBerries Virtual Recruiters may take a little time to start up and provide initial profiles in the beginning.

All in all, we found the integration of MoBerries Virtual Recruiters very easy and felt well advised at all times.

What are the advantages of MoBerries’ Virtual Recruiters?

MoBerries Virtual Recruiters offer an efficient and cost-effective way to find highly qualified talent.

Unlike the generalized mass approach to applications, this is far more targeted. Where as with Facebook Ads or Instagram, we get mass but compromise quality targeting. On these channels, we usually miss out on 80% of the applications and require a lot of time to process.

MoBerries AI-powered algorithms identifies candidates who match the requirements of the vacant position.  Specifically targeting these candidates increases the chance that they will actually participate in the application process as they receive a personalized approach.


This saves our hiring managers time and effort by allowing them to focus on a narrower group of qualified candidates, rather than having to sift through many applications.

Overall, MoBerries Virtual Recruiters offers an effective way for companies to optimize their recruiting process and target suitable talent efficiently.

What is your take on candidate quality?

We were very satisfied with the quality of the applicants we received via Virtual Recruiter. Thanks to the high selection rate and targeted approach, we found many suitable candidates. For the position we filled, we even had several qualified applicants to choose from. The profiles presented to us by MoBerries were generally very accurate and well-matched to the requirements of the position.

To whom would you recommend MoBerries’ Virtual Recruiters?

We would definitely recommend them and have already done so. Virtual Recruiter is especially recommended for companies that want to move away from staffing agencies and do not have their own resources in HR, such as small and medium-sized companies without their own recruiting department.

The Virtual Recruiter is a cost-effective alternative to traditional recruiting methods and enables a high selection rate with many suitable candidates.

We were very satisfied with the service and the quality of the candidates, and can therefore recommend MoBerries Virtual Recruiters without reservation.

Do you currently have hard-to-fill vacancies? MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters offers you an automated active sourcing tool that helps you fill high-priority vacancies. Book a call with our Experts to get more information about the Virtual Recruiter.

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