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Active Sourcing in the AI Software Development Industry – l1r1 x MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters

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More about l1r1:

Founded in 2021, l1r1 is an innovative company in the software development industry, specialized in revolutionizing business processes through the use of artificial intelligence. With their groundbreaking technology, HeyLara, they leverage conversation control to autonomously manage administrative workflows. Their initial use case focuses on financial accounting, promising small and medium-sized enterprises more time for their core business activities and less effort on time-consuming administrative tasks.

How did you first hear about MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters?

Our initial introduction to MoBerries at l1r1 came through a recommendation from a trusted acquaintance. Not only did they share their positive experiences with MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters, but they also enthusiastically praised the efficiency and value that their Active Sourcing support brought to recruiting highly qualified candidates. Inspired by this positive feedback, we decided to explore the capabilities of MoBerries more deeply and ultimately integrated Virtual Recruiters as a solution to our own recruitment challenges.

Which position did you fill using MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters?

l1r1 faced the challenge of acquiring highly skilled professionals for critical positions to propel the rapidly growing business forward. MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters supported us in successfully hiring two Sales Managers and a Sales Development Representative (SDR). All three vacancies were pivotal roles for us, essential to achieving our revenue goals and supporting our sales process.

Notably, all candidates hired for these positions were passive candidates initially not actively seeking new employment. Through the use of MoBerries' Active Sourcing support, these talents were successfully convinced to join l1r1. This underscores the effectiveness of MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters in attracting highly qualified applicants, even when they are only passively exploring new job opportunities.

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How long was the Time-to-Hire for these positions?

Our collaboration with MoBerries not only led to the successful filling of key positions but also demonstrated impressive efficiency in the recruitment process.


The average Time-to-Hire of 22 days illustrates how quickly and seamlessly vacancies can be filled with MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters.

The Time-to-Hire for each position was as follows:

First Sales Manager: Time-to-Hire of 32 days.

Second Sales Manager: Time-to-Hire of 20 days.

Sales Development Representative (SDR): Time-to-Hire of 15 days.

These remarkably short durations underscore the efficiency of MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters and their ability to acquire highly qualified talents swiftly and effectively.

What challenges did you face in recruitment before implementing MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters?

Before the introduction of MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters, l1r1 encountered various challenges in acquiring new talents. As a relatively young company operating in the market for only three years, l1r1 lacked an established HR department. This often resulted in recruitment being carried out without dedicated resources. Additionally, budget constraints made it difficult to involve expensive external recruiters in the process. Simultaneously, our internal resources had limited time available, making Active Sourcing impractical due to the significant time investment.

MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters offered a promising solution to these issues. The Virtual Recruiters enabled us to access a diverse pool of well-suited candidates through direct outreach on LinkedIn. This resulted in a significant reduction in Time-to-Hire, particularly impressive considering that all hired candidates were originally passive applicants. The introduction of MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters revolutionized the recruitment practices at l1r1, contributing to the effective and rapid hiring of suitable applicants.

How has MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters impacted your processes?

The introduction of MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters had a significant impact on our recruitment processes, leading to substantial improvements. The Virtual Recruiters assisted us in the challenge of establishing the framework for our HR department, enabling us to structure the processes of candidate identification, outreach, and selection more effectively.

Another advancement was MoBerries enabling us to establish an efficient candidate pipeline. This not only streamlined the recruitment process but also facilitated the creation of a talent pool. This allowed us to provide a positive candidate experience, strengthening our employer reputation and fostering long-term talent retention. Simultaneously, the quality of incoming candidate profiles significantly improved, as the profiles provided by MoBerries precisely matched our specific requirements. These developments resulted in a substantial increase in recruitment quality, supporting us in acquiring the right talent for l1r1.

What experiences did you have while setting up MoBerries?

Implementing MoBerries was an extremely positive experience, primarily due to the user-friendly interface and competent guidance from our account manager. The intuitive handling and clear structure facilitated a smooth and efficient setup.

The initiation of our Virtual Recruiters campaign was also straightforward and rapid. This was possible because we could work asynchronously using the requirements form. The simple setup allowed us to kickstart the recruitment process seamlessly and promptly commence candidate selection.

Another positive aspect was the prompt implementation of feedback by the MoBerries team. They responded quickly to our comments and customization requests, enabling us to continuously tailor the campaign to our specific needs. This rapid response and flexibility significantly contributed to optimizing the performance of MoBerries virtual recruiters and continually improving our recruitment processes.

What are the advantages of MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters?

The use of MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters brought us numerous benefits, with high-quality profiles enabling the swift and direct filling of planned sales positions, efficiently supporting our growth goals.


Due to limited internal resources, the Virtual Recruiters proved invaluable in Active Sourcing, saving time and allowing us to focus on our core tasks without resorting to expensive alternatives.

Directly approaching non-active job seekers significantly enhanced talent quality, enabling us to attract suitable candidates who might have been overlooked due to resource constraints. Redirecting qualified candidates not directly involved in the subsequent hiring process allowed us to build a valuable talent pool at l1r1. Overall, MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters proved to be an extremely effective solution for our recruiting challenges, not only in filling current vacancies but also in preparing for future requirements and long-term improvement of recruitment quality.

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What is your take on candidate quality?

The quality of incoming applicants was consistently good across all campaigns.


After providing the framework to MoBerries through the requirements form, there was a precise implementation in our campaigns, resulting in relevant and well-matched applicants.

Only a few candidates needed to be sorted out, and the quality could be further refined after the launch by specifying additional requirements. The flexibility and adaptability of MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters significantly contributed to an enhanced applicant quality.

Who would you recommend MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters to?

We would particularly recommend MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters to companies seeking a reliable partner in talent acquisition due to a lack of internal resources. MoBerries offers an effective solution with its Virtual Recruiters for automating Active Sourcing processes, allowing companies to efficiently approach passive talents.

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