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How to start your own recruiting company - Guide for Affiliate Partners

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In previous articles, we have discussed the effects of what we deemed to be the uberization of various industry sectors, what is driving these shifts in work trends and why skilled professionals are choosing these means of work. - see the article here.

The road to partial or complete self-employment can often be challenging. Nowadays you constantly hear about building multiple streams of income. In this article, we will break down how to leverage the MoBerries Affiliate program to build an income stream. Our Affiliate platform applies crowdsourcing methodologies to hiring. Anyone can participate and be paid; affiliation is based on intros and not the traditional click model. You get paid for creating value for both the job seeker and the potential employer.

What is an Affiliate Partner?

MoBerries gives everyone the chance to build and grow their own recruitment business. The only thing you need to do is invite job seekers to register on MoBerries and discover over 30,000 jobs from our partner companies. Your referred candidates are automatically matched to jobs that match your skills. MoBerries handles the entire back office management involved.

Which legal form is most suitable?

As a self-employed recruiter, is it necessary to register a business? This requires a business license, which can be applied for at the local trade office and usually costs between €10 and €65. Then it is a matter of choosing the legal form. This depends on your unique situation as well as many other factors that play a role in this decision. You can find an overview of suitable legal forms here.

Do I have to pay trade tax? 

The trade tax limit is 24,500€ turnover per year. If this is exceeded, trade tax becomes due. For anything under this threshold, no levy of trade tax is required.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

A tax exemption limit is also set for sales tax. The person/entity must be registered with the tax office as a small business. This is done using a form that can be requested from the relevant tax office. If you are a small business, the tax limit is a total annual turnover of 22,000€.

Do I have to take income tax into account?

Yes, income tax (Einkommensteuer) must also be taken into account above a certain amount. If the person is active in other lines of business outside recruitment, income from all forms of employment is taken into account for income tax. From an income of 10,347 € for single persons or 20,694€ for married persons, income tax is due.

Become a MoBerries Affiliate Partner  

Sign up as an affiliate partner today and refer your candidates to numerous jobs from our partner companies. Strengthen or build your own recruiting network with MoBerries and focus only on recruiting candidates - we do the rest! Our dashboard is designed to provide you with insights into the health of your referral pipeline. In the affiliate app, you will also find numerous jobs that you only need to forward to your network. Get started now and start earning money.

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