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MoBerries' Interview with Peak Ace (Part 1/2)

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Peak Ace AG, founded in 2007, is an internationally active performance marketing agency headquartered in Berlin. More than 140 employees from over 20 countries implement campaigns at a native-speaker level.

Performance marketing is our core business - this includes paid advertising (PPC), organic search (SEO) and content marketing, as well as conversion rate optimisation and digital analytics.

Describe Peak Ace's value proposition

Competence: through regular feedback meetings and project debriefings we ensure continuous growth of knowledge and experience through regular feedback meetings and project debriefings.

Quality: our standard of quality and native-speaker level accuracy is the key to our international success – as our numerous awards attest.

Fairness: we always act transparently and fairly towards both our employees and our clients.

Team spirit: we promote the Peak Ace team spirit through regular team events and open communication with flat hierarchies and short decision-making processes.

Authenticity: we value the personal and professional skills of our employees. Therefore, we promote the autonomy of each peak Acer and support them in achieving their goals.

Knowledge Management: we secure and promote knowledge both internally "with our Peak Ace Academy" and externally with our contributions at conferences.

Clarity: we live and breathe clear processes. Areas of responsibility and processes at Peak Ace are clearly defined, communicated transparently, and constantly kept in view with our agile dashboards.

Sustainability: through smart heating, green electricity, and regional products, we are committed to a careful approach to the environment.

Courage: We have the courage to break new ground and grow with each challenge.

How would you describe your team mentality and what does Peak Ace offer its employees? Are there special team activities?

As an agency, the well-being and work of our employees is what makes us successful. Therefore, we firmly believe in the motto: People first.

Our teams work together closely across disciplines, developing strategies, sharing knowledge, and exacting the latest developments through joint projects, briefings and retrospectives.


We offer each Peak Acer personal and professional growth opportunities through our Peak Ace Academy and individual development directions such as Team Lead or Expert Lead.

To promote cooperation and cohesion, we rely on transparent communication, praise and feedback, and shared experiences. Whether it's a freshly cooked lunch from the company chef, regular team events, our annual Christmas Rave, or the Pool Office, we celebrate our successes together and value the achievements of each individual.

Giving back to our local community is also important for us - we are committed to social projects and grant each Peak Acer one day off per year to use for this purpose.

We were able to further strengthen our cohesion during the pandemic. We are proud that we maintained all positions at Peak Ace and have continued to grow since.

What makes Peak Ace unique as an employer?

Peak Ace is unique with its international teams, short decision-making processes, and an agency culture in which participation is encouraged. We are united by our passion for online marketing - we encourage the constant sharing of knowledge, celebrate successes together, and pull together even when things get stressful.

What does a working day at Peak Ace look like? (Which working environment? Which challenges?)

Due to core working hours of 11 AM - 4 PM, the day starts at a different time for each Peak Acer. The exciting challenges and projects that we worked with in an international environment ensure that no two days are the same at Peak Ace, and a typical day can differ vastly from department to department.

What are Peak Ace's main characteristics that a good applicant needs to have?

First and foremost, we are passionate about online marketing. If we notice that you are enthusiastic about the topic, we will find a place for you.

If you have prior experience in the field, we would love to hear about your previous projects!

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In the second part of our case study with Peak Ace – which you can find here – you will learn how exactly MoBerries supports the innovative company in recruiting.

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