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Peak Ace Case Study: Hunting for talent in Marketing (Part 2/2)

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How did you first hear about MoBerries and why did you choose MoBerries as your long-term recruiting partner?

MoBerries was recommended to us by a colleague who had already successfully recruited experienced professionals on the Berlin market together with MoBerries (anyone who knows the Berlin market knows how difficult that is). We then got in touch with Mo (co-founder of MoBerries) and were thrilled with the support during set-up and onboarding - they automate many steps for us, without any extra effort on our side. This was an important criterion for us. The first successful hires through MoBerries then spoke for themselves.

What is your opinion about MoBerries recruiting solution?

The approach is ingenious. As an online marketing agency, we live and breathe data and automation. Using this data for recruiting and bringing suitable candidates and companies together not only helps us to find new talent but also fits perfectly with our Peak Ace philosophy.

MoBerries manages to find suitable candidates for our open positions and presents all the relevant information directly at a glance. The effort for our recruiters is minimal, as our open positions are automatically synchronized with MoBerries and the filtering of applicants speeds up the pre-selection process enormously.

Through close exchange with our account manager at MoBerries, we also discover further insights that provide us with improvements for our job listings.

What do you like most about MoBerries Recruiting Software? 

Deciding on a candidate and then contacting them is super easy and fast. We save a lot of time with the initial evaluation of suitable profiles because MoBerries has already pre-sorted them for us.

The feedback function also makes it easy to adjust and tune the selection of future candidates.

What do you think of MoBerrie's new monetization feature and how important do you think this feature will be in recruiting in the future?

The new monetization feature helps us improve our candidate journey and allows companies who work with MoBerries to deliver value to candidates.

With this network of exciting and diverse companies, every candidate's next career step is clear.


It also helps us as companies because it gives us a chance to gain collaborative value in a traditionally competitive environment and find the perfect candidates for our jobs. 

We are convinced that this is the key to building a healthy industry and tackling the shortage of skilled workers in the various sectors. We will definitely continue to use it.

If you had to describe MoBerries in 3 words - what would they be?

Intuitive, efficient, exciting.

Are you interested in MoBerries' recruiting solution? Gather insights and turn them into actionable analytics to optimize your recruitment funnel.


Are you currently looking for a new job? MoBerries supports you in finding the perfect one! Simply upload your CV and get matched – Free, fast & easy.


Would you like to learn more about Peak Ace as an employer? What are their values and what does a day at Peak Ace look like? Find out more here.

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