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Co-scaling – Managing your scaling journey

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Good networks and partners have always been a basic framework for the growth of successful companies. But, a company can only grow if its partners develop with it and adapt to the company's requirements. We show how MoBerries flexibly adapts to the needs of customers and helps companies grow.

Challenges of a startup

The step into self-employment and starting a business holds many challenges that are not apparent at first glance. The effort to find quality personnel is often underestimated - until the time when a company urgently needs personnel to healthily scale. Therefore, some foresight is needed to avoid reaching a stage where the staff or the founders are overwhelmed by their own hiring needs. If a small start-up manages its own recruitment, in times of emergency, the demand for staff may lead to the hiring of unsuitable candidates. As a result, the company's growth can stagnate and the process of finding an optimal candidate for the position is significantly delayed.

A company must take enough time to select the appropriate personnel. In small companies, this requires good time management, as there is often little staff to cover several areas of responsibility. If the founder or their employees spend a lot of time searching for suitable candidates, other business areas may fall by the wayside. This makes an efficient applicant selection process all the more important. 

An applicant management tool that provides an overview of the hiring process and automates tasks is usually not worthwhile for a small company due to the low number of applicants. Budget plays an important role as well, and so an employee or the founder themselves is usually part of the recruitment process. However, posting the job ads on various job portals and designing the process yourself is very time-consuming and eats up resources that are also needed elsewhere, especially in the early stages of a company.

Support on your way to success

The main problem with a job board is that they scale inefficiently with your business. The outcome is highly unpredictable and the product is not tailored to your company. On job boards, you also have a large unsorted selection of applicants that you have to sort through, which takes a lot of effort. MoBerries supports a range of companies, from start-ups to international corporations. On MoBerries, companies are provided with the perfect candidates with the help of our AI-driven system. The time-consuming process of sorting out candidates and publishing job advertisements on several job boards is now a thing of the past. MoBerries takes the pressure off the company and provides an interface that makes the recruitment process much more efficient.

We help your company grow

In the stages where a company needs to scale quickly, MoBerries is equipped to take on an advisory role, acting as a neutral party with years of experience in recruiting to consult on topics such as applicant management tools, employer branding, talent acquisition strategy, and many more.


MoBerries delivers the right candidates for their business and can be integrated with various Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). 

An ATS can handle applicant data management, responses to applicants, and other functions that simplify the application process for a company. Integration is simple and straightforward. The broad size spectrum of MoBerries' customer base shows clearly that MoBerries can help companies of any size in their search for the perfect candidate. MoBerries does not discriminate by priority and offers first-class service to each of its clients.

One of the biggest differences to job boards is that MoBerries actively approaches customers and works with them on their employer brand. In the course of this, job postings are optimized to generate the best reach for their vacancies. Our Customer Success Managers, who have many years of experience in the recruiting field, also provide companies with expert advice on the individual use of MoBerries.

Adapting to the needs of growing companies

With an increasing company size, the conditions for the company change as well. For this reason, MoBerries adapts specifically to your company scale and offers features that are perfectly tailored to your size. 

A good example is the MoBerries Department feature, which allows companies to create departments on MoBerries. Large companies can split the flow of applicants between departments. This way, employees only handle applicants that are relevant to their sector. This facilitates an overview and saves a lot of time.

Our pricing model is just as flexible in adapting to the individual needs of customers. One example is our pay-per-hire model, which is particularly attractive for smaller companies. In this model, costs are only incurred if a candidate is successfully hired. This success-based model does not include any ongoing costs and is therefore ideal for companies that want to test MoBerries or only have a small number of job postings. For companies with less than 50 employees, we also have a small subscription model that allows you to have up to 5 job postings online at the same time. In our subscription models, it is possible to hire as many candidates as you want for a fixed monthly price. Our mixed model structure is very popular with some companies as it allows a combination of the pay per hire and the subscription model. Learn more about it here.

MoBerries also offers individual consulting based on feedback data, which is oriented to the size of the company. In most cases, for startups, the focus in the first few months is on acquiring new applicants and building up employer branding. Medium-sized and larger companies, on the other hand, focus on recruiting and feedback data from applicants to optimize their talent acquisition strategy.

With MoBerries, you have a strong partner at your side to guide you on your way. Your candidates are already waiting for you and are just a click away.

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