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MoBerries Interview with Curve Labs (Part 1/2)

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At Curve Labs, we create digital souls that displace for-profit market actors (rent-seekers) and provide infrastructures for efficient and fair markets.

Rent Seeker:  A term used in economics to mean that a person or company seeks to enrich itself without providing any benefit to society.

Curve Labs works on researching and implementing software solutions.

Playfully combining different modules to create innovative institutions, we are working on topics that include digital cooperatives and artist collectives.

Describe Curve Labs value proposition in one sentence?

Our corporate values are formed by cybernetics, philosophy and independence.

Cybernetics: Cybernetics deals with the essential properties of dynamic systems and is the science of control and regulation of machines and their analogy to the behavior of living organisms and social organizations.

Philosophy: Philosophy is the doctrine of cognition and knowledge and the doctrine of principles and methods of the individual sciences, which can be regarded as the origin and framework of.

Independence: We encourage the independence of our employees and try to progress together through free development. We do not limit ourselves and break new ground.

How would you describe your team mentality and what does Curve Labs offer its employees? Are there any special team activities?

I would say we are very casual and friendly with each other and there is a family atmosphere in our work environment. Most companies tend to treat their employees like children.

Sometimes we host joint hackathons or happy hours to get to know each other better and strengthen our bond with each other.

What makes Curve Labs a unique employer?

We work in the Web3 space, which brings a lot of freedom to explore new technologies and international exposure. As a result, we offer our employees the freedom they need to generate innovative solutions.

Web3: in Web3, applications are not run on individual servers or databases, but on decentralized networks.

What does a workday at Curve Labs look like? (What kind of work environment? What challenges?)

For the most part, we are a distributed team. So most workdays consist of a lot of online correspondence and Zoom meetings. Our work environment is very relaxed, so we tend to approach things very calmly. Our challenges coincide with the problems that every company has to deal with in the current situation.

For Curve Labs, what are the main characteristics that are important in a good applicant?

In general, passion and curiosity for new technologies are crucial for us. Nevertheless, a candidate should also have the necessary skills that the job requires. In addition, it is important to us that a future employee can work independently and has a vision.

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In the second part of our case study with Curve Labs you will learn how exactly MoBerries supports the innovative company in recruiting.

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