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Curve Labs Case Study: Recruiting for the Future of the Internet (Part 2/2)

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How did you first hear about MoBerries and why did you choose MoBerries as your long-term recruiting partner?

We learned about MoBerries through the company Berlin Partner for Business and Technology. Through this connection, we got to know the MD of MoBerries (Terence Hielscher) and he convinced us with his expertise in recruiting, which is why we decided to work with MoBerries. During the testing phase, we could already see that MoBerries has a sophisticated and accurate applicant matching algorithm. It suggested candidates that fit the job description, which made the pre-screening process much easier. 

What is your opinion of MoBerries recruiting solution?

We get quality candidates with little effort, which allows us to focus on other operations in the recruiting process and not invest unnecessary time in talent acquisition.

What do you like most about MoBerries?

MoBerries works easily and quickly. The candidate suggestions are convincing and the time needed for screenings has decreased significantly. We were also impressed by MoBerries' user-friendliness and service, which is why we will continue to rely on MoBerries as our long-term recruiting partner. 

What improvements have you noticed since using MoBerries?

We have noticed that MoBerries takes a lot of work off our shoulders and provides us with a continuous selection of applicants, where - thanks to the smart applicant filter - we no longer have to spend a lot of time sorting out. The suggestions are qualitative and save us a lot of time. Even without a permanent HR department, MoBerries enables us to effectively recruit candidates without spending a lot of resources that could be used elsewhere. 

If you had to describe MoBerries in 3 words - what would they be?

Efficient, intelligent, and powerful.

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Would you like to learn more about Curve Labs as an employer? What are their values and what does a day at Curve Labs look like? Find out more here.

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