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MoBerries Interview with foodcircle (Part 1/2)

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Ordering, financing, and logistics – The foodcircle GmbH offers a digital solution in the procurement process and helps the European food industry be more flexible. 

Foodcircle was founded in 2018 and operates in the software and finance sector. They are based in Berlin, but their team is spread all over Europe through remote work. We asked foodcircle for an interview to give insight into their values as an employer.

How would you describe your team mentality and what does Foodcircle offer its employees? Are there special team activities?

We are a mission-driven company. In fact, we all believe that a better food supply chain is possible and benefits our planet. That makes it easier to be motivated and push forward together.Moreover, we are all foodies: we regularly cook together and enjoy meals from all around the world.Some of our team-building activities include gourmet dinners at the office, Mario kart competitions, Dj sets, card games, and more. We also play some remote-friendly games via zoom, making it a good time for all employees.

What makes Foodcircle unique as an employer?

The industry we are working in is lagging decades behind the needs of today so it is an amazing opportunity to have a real impact and change the status quo.


If you love food – we are at the heart of it and its supply chain.

We work with amazing companies and are learning new things every day.

What does a working day at foodcircle look like? (Which working environment? Which challenges?)

Every day there are new challenges so you will never be bored with your tasks. Our team has a great entrepreneurial spirit so we are open to new ideas and input from each of our employees. We work hard and since the team is not too big, we feel more like a family. 

What are Foodcircle’s main characteristics that a good applicant needs to have?

Smart and with the right attitude to try new things, make mistakes and learn from them. That is the spirit we look for. Someone who wants to have a positive impact in the food industry and in the world in general.

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In the second part of our case study with food circle, you will learn how exactly MoBerries supports the innovative company in recruiting.

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