Let’s get started with your MoBerries account

Learn how to create & efficiently use your MoBerries account.


The way to your MoBerries account

  1. Head over to https://my.moberries.com/signup and fill in the required information. We would highly recommend leaving a comment with details regarding your hiring needs.
  2. Our team will then reach out to you with further information and set you up. You will receive your activation link via email which you can use to set up your password.
  3. If you choose to keep on using MoBerries after your free trial period, click on the Upgrade button on your dashboard. You can now decide between a monthly/yearly subscription and our pay per hire model. Select the option that best fit your hiring needs.

    Important: We offer a 3% discount for upfront payments.

    If you do not upgrade your subscription, your trial automatically expires. You do not have to cancel it.

Getting started on MoBerries!

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Basic Functions

Learn how to efficiently manage your MoBerries dashboard and accept or decline candidates.

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Post Jobs

Create job positions on MoBerries.

MoBerries Benefit

Refer candidates

Simply integrate your personal referral link to your email templates.

1. How does MoBerries work?

Your jobs are displayed solely to relevant candidates. A candidate will only be proposed to you after they accepted the match with your open position. For more detailed information on our matching, have a look at how our matching works.

Review Candidates

Within your candidate overview, click Review Now to view the candidate profile. The skills and preferences highlighted in red indicate a mismatch between the candidate profile and the requirements of your open position. Click on the Preview CV button to view and download the CV.

Decline candidates and feedback

If the candidate does not meet your requirements, click Decline.

You will then be asked for feedback as to why. Your feedback will help our algorithm to learn more about your preferences and further increases the future match accuracy for your jobs. The candidates will not receive your feedback directly but in an anonymous summarized form. You can find further information on this under Extended Feedback.

Accept Candidates

If you feel like a candidates’ skills match your requirements and you want to get to know them better, click on Accept. You now can send the candidate a message directly on our platform through our MoBerries chat or via email. The candidate can then be found under the tab "Candidates".

Under the tab candidates, you can find all your accepted candidates. Here you can also write them a message through our MoBerries chat, change their status to "Rejected" or "Recruited" and revisit the profile including their CV.

Tip: Maintain the Candidate Overview regularly to keep an up-to-date overview. As soon as a candidate is no longer in your application process, simply click on the grey button with the X on it. If you have successfully hired the candidate, click on the green button with the tick.


Use our Messenger to get in touch with candidates and schedule an interview.

2. Create your job posting

1. Go to the tab Jobs and click +Create Job. Enter the job title and the job description.

2. After you clicked on Next, our algorithm will fill out further details according to your specified preferences. You can then edit these details. Learn more about our meta-predictions.

3. Create your MoBerries Talent Pool

Invite non-hired candidates to your own talent pool and gain insights into their performance in order to come back to them to fill future positions.

Simply integrate your personalized referral link into your rejection e-mail templates.

Learn more about the benefits of MoBerries Talent Pools.


Use MoBerries in your Applicant Tracking System.

Any questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us! Our team is looking forward to answering your questions. Head over to our Help Center to find more information.