Monetization feature

Give value to unused applicants and reduce your hiring costs
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Recommendations are worth it!

With our monetization feature, companies can generate value from their Unused Candidates. Refer candidates to MoBerries and lower your hiring costs.

Your benefits

MoBerries Benefit

Easy integration

All you have to do is include your individual referral link in your rejection emails and start recommending candidates today.

MoBerries Benefit

Strengthen employer branding

Do not just reject applicants. Offer them the possibility to discover many more jobs within the MoBerries network with the help of your personal link and thus strengthen your employer branding without additional costs.

MoBerries Benefit

Reduce future costs

Earn credits for each successful placement of your referred candidates and get a long-term return on investment for your employer branding.

How monetization works


Embed link

We provide you with an individual referral link in your MoBerries Affiliate dashboard, which you can quickly and easily integrate into your rejection templates. You will also find optimized email templates that already include your referral link.


Include applicants in your own talent pool

Candidates who register on MoBerries via your referral link now end up in your talent pool. From here, you can access the candidates for future vacancies.


Reduce future acquisition costs

For every interview and successful hire that one of your referred candidates goes through, you will be credited with credits that will lower your future hiring costs on MoBerries.


Do you have any questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us! Our experts are looking forward to answering your questions and providing you with more information on modern recruiting solutions.

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