Designing a CV – what is important?

The content counts, but the layout sells it – that's why MoBerries explains to you what you have to pay attention to when designing your CV.


The layout sells the content

Although the content of your CV is what ultimately will get you the job, it is important to not underestimate the importance of your CVs layout. On average, Recruiters will look at it for around 6 seconds only, and although this might sound shallow, the first impression is what counts here. However, once you know which part of a CV is the most influential, how long a CV should maximally be and how to utilise formatting correctly you can easily use this to your advantage.

There are many things that can make your CV look less attractive. Font size, line spacing, page margins, bullet points – many factors influence the overall look of a resume. To help you with this, we put together a short quick guide on the most important layout structures to get your CV to the next level. Once you have the basis of your CV down, you have to make it stand out from the crowd, which is why you should get a little bit creative. The keyword when doing so, however, is consistency. Keep this in mind especially when changing fonts, bullet points or headings.

MoBerries' "Designing a CV" Whitepaper

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