CVs in 2024 – Why your resume might get discarded

There are many reasons why your application may be rejected - your CV should not be one.


Curriculum Vitae 2024: What a modern CV needs

A professional resume is a must for everyone who is looking for a job in 2024! Thanks to autocorrect and online available templates, there are no excuses anymore for easily avoidable errors.

There are many reasons why a CV could get discarded, which are not directly related to the actual qualifications of a candidate. Bad grammar incorrect spelling and too many details are amongst the top causes. Another common mistake made, when writing CVs, is the insufficient use of formatting. Recruiters only spend an average of six seconds looking at a CV – Four of which are exclusively used to analyze previous work experience and education. It is therefore very important to know how to use formatting to your advantage. Which information is relevant? How should I arrange the information? Where do I need headers? What information should I emphasize? – Many questions that MoBerries has the answers to!

MoBerries' "Designing a CV" Whitepaper

Do you want to know what makes your resume perfect? We did some research and summarized the best practices for the most important “to-dos” and “no-goes” when writing a CV in our whitepaper. Download MoBerries whitepaper on the subject of "Designing a resume" for free now! In this whitepaper, we have collected – based on our experience in the recruiting environment – all important information needed to take your CV to the next level. Impress with your next application and get your dream job!