CV picture – What is important?

Application photos: Professional or self-made? MoBerries tips on the topic of resume photos.


Application photos: Professionalism is the key

Although pictures are not obligatory, there are still many countries, where it is common to add one to your CV – Make sure to inform yourself about the norms in the country or the company itself.

If you in fact do need a photo for your application, the easiest way to get a professional one is to have it done by a professional. Today, it is, however, also very easy to just take a picture at home. If you have a muted colored wall, a window for some natural light, and a phone with a fairly good camera, there is nothing holding you back from having a great photo for your CV. To make sure that not only the picture itself is done professionally, but that you yourself look like a professional as well, we at MoBerries put together a quick guide with the most important things to consider when taking professional pictures at home.

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