MoBerries' efficient Recruiting Solution

Your Advantages:
  • Active & prefiltered candidates only
  • Get access to Germanys' largest Shared Talent Network
  • Best price per candidate in the market


  • Quality scoring through feedback from candidates and HR managers
  • NLP-based CV analysis 
  • Relevance Scoring, based on work experience and qualifications
  • Real-time profile analysis of candidates
  • Automated Bot (screening & competence analysis)

For our VC & Corporate Partners we offer shared talent networks: These networks offer you the opportunity to exclusively share candidates within your portfolio and across departments.

Do you have a large recruiting team that has to fill several positions? Contact us and activate the department feature for your team.

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Problems & Solutions

Learn more about the advantages MoBerries can offer you. Problems with traditional channels for candidate acquisition? – MoBerries has the solutions!

Slow Processes

With average hiring time of over a month, high growth companies cannot fill urgent positions fast enough.

Faster Hiring

No more waiting for a job board to generate results.
All candidates are active & have been reviewed by an experienced HR manager and the MoBerries AI quality filter.

Low Quality Applications

Significant portion of the hiring process is spent revising CV-quality with many candidates dropping out in the middle of the application process.

Targeted Approach

MoBerries only matches candidates interested in the company who have the right skillset and experience for the position—even for non-traditional roles.

High Cost

Head-hunters and recruiting agencies charge a hefty fee on top of the operational cost of the HR.

Reduced Hiring Cost

Industry-leading cost per quality applicant with an over 40% company acceptance rate for candidates.

Partners that already hired through MoBerries

Testimonial Avatar

With the help of MoBerries we easily setup and publish new job descriptions and instantly have access too many interesting profiles. The screening and communication with the matched candidates is very convenient and efficient. We reduced both our recruiting time and fluctuation rate.

Michael Land
General Manager at Ironhack
Testimonial Avatar

Since we use MoBerries, we increased the number of job interviews by 60% and hired more than 15 MoBerries candidates in the last months. Especially for positions that have to be staffed quickly, MoBerries turned out to be a great channel.

Maximilian Schwahn
Managing Director at Lemon One

MoBerries Candidate Sources

MoBerries Benefit

Referred Candidates

Sharing is caring - partners recommend candidates they have not hired to us. All candidates who join our network as a result are active and can be matched more accurately through the recruiting manager's feedback.

MoBerries Benefit

Job Boards

MoBerries aggregates candidates from all job boards. In the next step the active candidates are filtered and linked to the open positions of your company.

MoBerries Benefit

Recruiter Network

Our Head-Hunter and Recruiter Affiliate Network shares unrecruited candidates, enabling them to pursue other career opportunities within the MoBerries network.


Use MoBerries with your existing ATS.