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MoBerries flexible pricing and monetization feature: A thank you to all partners

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We want to extend our appreciation and say thanks to our partners for their ongoing trust and loyalty to our product. As a reward for the long-term confidence you have put in us, and the willingness to engage with our product, we have included some goodies for select partners within the release of our new payment structure.

Flexible Pricing

Many of our partners have been using the mixed model approach to A/B test different roles. This way you can also check out the candidate inventory, and figure out which job positions are the most suited for your subscription slots. This helps you find the ideal candidate as you can tap into many different applicant pools just by adjusting your search queries. Additionally, candidates that are scored as a high match but do not accept your job position leave feedback that can help you to improve your job description messaging. We find in approximately 90% of cases better messaging improves results.

The development of the mixed model approach has shown us that volume is a core metric of our success. To get the most out of the MoBerries platform and the matching AI, we advise that you always upload all of your jobs.

Through speaking to our most engaged clients we know that currently, sourcing is the biggest pain point in recruiting and that A/B-testing what works for you, is more important now than ever. 

Combining this knowledge with the invaluable feedback we have gathered in our coaching calls, we have started to roll out the new levels in our subscription model to accommodate this, with even more exciting features to come! Head to your account to see what has changed for you.


Accompanying this rollout is Monetization where we want to encourage peer-to-peer collaboration and cutting out the middlemen in your recruitment process.

Monetization is a feature where you can earn credits to further reduce your hiring costs and build, at no extra cost, your own talent exchange with other companies. Here, your non-hired candidates are nurtured for you, through which you can avoid adding another tool to your stack. We have seen Monetization’s impact on the size of our candidate pool, and now we need the jobs to meet the demand! So, if you have noticed a small gift in your account, feel free to make use of this advantage!

Thanks for your trust and for accompanying us on this journey! Reach out to your account manager if you have further questions regarding the August deals! For more information, check out our latest blog about the monetization feature.

Do you also want to benefit from MoBerries’ advantages? Then start now risk-free and free of charge in our Pay per Hire model and begin using our monetization feature straight away! Save not only time but also reduce the cost of applicant acquisition.


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