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Doctolib Case Study: MoBerries as a strong partner

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How did you first hear about MoBerries and why did you choose MoBerries as your long-term recruiting partner?

I had heard of MoBerries in my previous job and I was already convinced of the possibilities of the platform. Moving to Doctolib, it was a great match.

What is your opinion about MoBerries recruiting solution?

It’s a complete solution that suits our needs: Easy to use platform, efficient matching, industry benchmark and insights, impeccable service, and – of course – great candidates!

What do you like most about MoBerries Recruiting Software?

What we like most is that we get candidates from junior to senior level for business functions, sales, and operations.

We even had a minor API issue at some point, but it was very swiftly and properly taken care of with MoBerries’ customer service.

What improvements have you noticed since you have started using MoBerries?

As we are refining our usage and the platform is improving, I can say the matching is putting us in touch with a strong selection of talents, both for skills and culture add.

What do you think of MoBerries Analytics? Have you already been able to gain added value from it? If so, which one?

Since we have a regular exchange with the Head of Business Development at Moberries, we discuss dashboards together and identify our strengths and the areas for improvement on our employer branding.

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