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Tipico Case Study: MoBerries as a strong partner

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How did you hear from MoBerries and why did you decide to stick with it?

Our Group Talent Acquisition manager attended a conference where MoBerries attended too. Afterward, we decided to contact MoBerries to understand better how their AI works and maybe to start a pilot. As this platform provides an alternative innovative technical solution to our recruitment needs, we decided to embed it into our recruiting tech-stack.

How do you like MoBerries as a product?

MoBerries is a platform that is easy to use and it makes our recruitment process more efficient for our various open positions, matching only candidates who are interested in the company and who have the right skill set and experience for the job.

Tipico is rooted in Technology – we love tech and this applies a technical solution to our daily recruitment efforts. MoBerries offers a smart and efficient recruiting solution but also a seamless experience from the screening of pre-filtered candidates to the transfer to our ATS system.

What do you like most about MoBerries’ Recruitment Suite?

At Tipico, Data is at the center of everything we do. MoBerries does exactly that, it uses data-driven methods to optimize the recruitment process. From acquiring candidates, filtering these candidates, and providing data insights to produce quality candidates – data drives the process. The matches are based on a reinforced learning approach. The AI takes our feedback into account to identify the perfect match, making it a personalized experience to our company's needs.

Which benefits did you experience by using MoBerries?

The platform gives us access to pre-filtered candidates, providing the perfect talent pool from all over the world for our different specializations, broadening our network of potential candidates who might have not come across our vacancies organically.  MoBerries eliminates steps for our recruiters by identifying the best talent suited to our needs based on predictive models, making the process more efficient. Lastly, one important benefit for us is the integration into our ATS system. One simple click on the integration button and the applicants are easily moved forward into our system.

As one of our first clients who received access to MoBerries’ analytics: How do you feel about it?

As mentioned, we believe in data to make calculated decisions. Data is the way forward for us to come up with solutions to gaps we might have in the recruitment process and this is very important for us to provide the best candidate experience possible.

The analytics gives us insights into why candidates do not apply to your open positions as they are asked to provide feedback after declining a match.

Insights are not only centered on the candidate but also real-time market analytics and industry-specific trends which tell us about the here and now and push us to stay ahead.

As one of the first clients who received this access, this showed how important we are to the platform and that they are always ready to understand our needs and go the extra mile to make our lives easier and provide a better experience for our candidates, which is very important for us.

Over the years, I can say that I can trust MoBerries that they will keep me informed and provide access to every element of the platform that is in line with our overall strategy.

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