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Virtual Recruiter Case Study with E.VITA

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E.VITA GmbH, founded in 2008, is a medium-sized, nationwide energy supplier for commercial and private customers and a specialist in direct marketing and power purchase agreements with headquarters in Stuttgart.

The family-owned company focuses on individual consulting for commercial customers - with the aim of helping them to remain capable of acting in the long term by actively managing their energy supply.

How did you first hear about MoBerries?

In August 2022, Dustin Hillemacher from MoBerries reached out to me via a LinkedIn message and inquired about our recruiting processes. Since we wanted to break into new grounds in social media recruiting, I was very impressed by his initiative and interest in modern recruiting methods.

How has Virtual Recruiter impacted your processes?

Until Virtual Recruiter we had done a lot of "post and pray" by posting job ads on various platforms and waiting for suitable applicants to get in touch. But since we started using Virtual Recruiter, we've seen a decrease in paid job ads on platforms like Stepstone. By using VR, we can present our job listings in an interactive way, which has helped us attract more qualified applicants and thus reduce the need to post paid ads. It's a more effective and modern way to streamline our recruiting processes and expand our talent pool.

How was your experience implementing MoBerries?

Our experience with MoBerries was positive throughout. The service, advice and onboarding were super straightforward and personable. The contact person was always available and supported us every step of the way. By using MoBerries, we were able to streamline our recruiting processes and gained access to a broader talent pool. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience and we recommend MoBerries to any company looking for an effective solution for their recruitment processes.

What are the advantages of MoBerries' Virtual Recruiter?

For us, the biggest advantage of MoBerries Virtual Recruiters is the time saved in active sourcing. The possibility of pre-qualification allows us to focus specifically on the applicants who best fit our requirements. This not only saves us time but also increases the efficiency of our recruiting processes.

How has your experience been with MoBerries?

Our opinion of MoBerries Virtual Recruiters is consistently positive. It offers us great time savings in active sourcing and an intuitive user interface. The price-performance ratio is very good and we recommend it to any company that wants to optimize its recruitment processes.

What is your take on candidate quality?

We were very satisfied with the quality of the applicants we received through Virtual Recruiter. Thanks to the applicants we received through Virtual Recruiter, we were even able to successfully fill a previously hard-to-fill position within a very short time (17 days). 

To whom would you recommend Virtual Recruiter?

I would definitely recommend MoBerries Virtual Recruiters. In particular, I would recommend Virtual Recruiter to HR generalists who can't spend much time on active sourcing. Virtual Recruiter allows them to easily identify and manage qualified candidates, saving them time and resources.

Do you currently have hard-to-fill vacancies? MoBerries Virtual Recruiter offers you an automated active sourcing tool that helps you fill high-priority vacancies. Book a call with our Experts to get more information about the Virtual Recruiter.

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