Recruiting free of charge: Your guide to searching applicants

  • Opportunities to find fitting employees for free
  • Tips for building a talent network
  • How MoBerries can support you to find the perfect fitting candidates for free

For most employers, finding capable employees is easier said than done. It is hard to evaluate if a candidate is fitting, solely based on certificates and verified qualifications. The ability to work in a team, for example, is just as important. 

Finding suitable employees is harder than expected for employers. It is difficult to tell whether an applicant is fit for the job if you only assess credentials and proven qualifications. Teamwork skills, for example, are at least as important.

In order to find suitable employees, companies spend a lot of money searching for applicants, and it becomes all the more frustrating when it turns out that the applicant is not suitable for the position and you have to reject them after the interview.

Are you looking for a way to hire candidates at a lower cost? MoBerries offers you tailored candidates for the best price in the market.

Of course, there are also free ways to find the perfect match, the question is, however, are these options as efficient, or should you better invest in the search for qualified candidates.

What Our Partners Say

Renewable Energy Industry@EIGENSONNE

MoBerries' new Monetization feature also gives us the ability to add the candidates we did not hire to our talent pool and recommend them to others. In case of successful referrals to third companies within the MoBerries network, we benefit.

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Construction Project Management@tenera

We get junior to senior candidates matched with all our open roles in every department: sales, customer success, engineering and product. Additionally, the integration with our ATS (Personio) is excellent: we can have a clear overview of all the applications and reach out to matching candidates just in a few clicks.

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How to find fitting employees – for free

Recruiting within a company’s own ranks

One of the most efficient sources for employees is the internal search within the company itself. Often, this option is neglected, which leaves a lot of great chances unused. 

A great advantage of recruiting within a company's own ranks is the security that the team member will already fit the company culture. A seasoned employee will also need less time and training to get adjusted which lowers the overall recruiting costs.

Another benefit of internal recruiting is increasing the motivation of current employees. If they see that there is a possibility for promotion, their drive to succeed will naturally grow.

Job postings on company websites and social media channels
Utilize the full potential of your website

Listing open positions in newspapers is, during the current age of digitalization, a rather outdated source for a job search. Job postings are mainly found online and this is where your company's online presence comes to play:  

Use your company website to make potential applicants aware of open positions. Try to place job postings on your homepage to attract as many candidates as possible. A career site, accessible through your website menu, could also generate applicants, since many searches for jobs directly on the company's website they are interested in. 

Placing job postings on your company website is a free, efficient, and easy-to-implement option to find future employees.

Use the advantages of social media

Nowadays, every successful company has to be present on social media. Not only is it useful to promote products and services – but social media channels are also becoming more and more relevant in recruiting. Open positions can easily be promoted free of charge on a company's Facebook or Instagram profile. To increase the reach of said postings or to attract a specific targeted group, companies can also choose to invest some money in additional advertisements.

Build and maintain a talent network

Within the framework of the aspects just listed, it is possible to find employees for free - but in reality, this is usually associated with some challenges. Even recruiting offers that come at a high cost do not give you a guarantee of hiring. It is possible to spend thousands of dollars on job portals and not find a suitable candidate.

This is where MoBerries comes in. Our AI compares job requirements and candidates and suggests suitable candidates to companies.

To increase your chances of finding quality candidates, a well-maintained network is essential. Referrals are a classic approach that has found its way into the digital world. MoBerries helps you to build and maintain your own talent network. Most of the time companies hire only one person at a time but have interviewed several good quality candidates for the job. With MoBerries' talent pool, you stay in touch with these surplus candidates and can access them at a later date.