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Wetransform Case Study: Building successful data ecosystems with strong recruiting partners (Part 2/2)

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How did you first hear about MoBerries and why did you choose MoBerries as your long-term recruiting partner?

I first heard about MoBerries at an HTGF Family Day in 2019. However, I did not really understand the product at that time. The next point of contact came at the end of 2020, when we advertised six new positions and evaluated various channels, including LinkedIn, Indeed, wearedevelopers, various headhunters, and finally MoBerries. We had received very few applications via wearedevelopers, and none at all via LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is highly non-transparent in terms of costs for an effective job posting/campaign, which is why we will not be using LinkedIn again for the foreseeable future.

On MoBerries, we had initially posted our job advertisements in the Pay-Per-Hire model, but then soon saw that both in terms of quantity and quality, the response to our advertisements via MoBerries was many times better than via any other channel. For this reason, we consequently opted for the subscription model - it gives cost certainty, we can easily optimize positions, and quickly advertise new ones.

What is your opinion of MoBerries recruiting solution?

Overall, I am very satisfied and have recommended MoBerries in various places. I find the basic model with the applicant pools, to which recruiters, among others, also forward their applicants, very intelligent. I think the costs are fair - they are within the range of usual large portals, but there is a clear added value provided by the flow of candidates. 

What do you like most about MoBerries?

What we really like is the number and quality of candidates. We have already been able to fill three positions through MoBerries. The exchange with the MoBerries team, which helped us optimize the job posting, was also helpful here.

What improvements have you noticed since using MoBerries?

The continuous stream of suitable applicants that MoBerries offers us can be better managed than very large "waves" of less suitable applicants.

If you had to describe MoBerries in 3 words - what would they be?

Simple to use.

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Would you like to learn more about wetransform as an employer? What are their values and what does a day at wetransform look like? Find out more here.

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