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Looking for a happy work environment? – 4 Tips for creating a corporate culture

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In 2022 employer brand is no longer a trend but an integral part of any company strategy. Companies live and die by their employer brand and it is important to not only define a messaging strategy but also make sure it is translating into the company culture. It is essential that employees feel the connection to the brand and how it translates into a positive work environment that retains the strongest ambassadors, thus making the employer an attractive destination.


A comprehensive study on happiness and productivity found that employees are 13% more productive when they are happy.

– University of Oxford

That is why It is imperative that companies know how their employees feel about the brand and whether it is fulfilling the promises and positioning set out by the company, it is essential that the employer brand is not just measured on its outside impact but tracked and felt by the internal stakeholders, there are the best champions of any brand..  This enables a company to strengthen the positive aspects and work through the negative ones, it is always important for a company to keep an open ear. Use this opportunity to properly care for your employees because employees are the best ambassadors for employer brands. The goal is to build a company culture where applicants and employees feel comfortable and assume their role as ambassadors.

According to Glassdoor, the best driver of employee satisfaction is a company culture with a clear mission that connects employees. Other drivers include quality leaders who are inspiring and empathetic and offer employees clear career paths. Invest in people, not objects. 

Brands like Facebook and Google consistently find themselves atop the list of strongest employer brands. They have understood that in an ultra-competitive world the investment in a brand is part of laying the foundations for talent attraction, thus why though some budgets may seem grand they are in line with the company's growth expectations. These companies have spent years cultivating their image. As a result, over time, it has become not only a goal but also a status symbol for tech talent to work at these very companies. The reason for this success is that you are only as good as the talent they attract and retain, thus why their brands have become status symbols for what employer brands should embody.

If it turns your employees into ambassadors and more importantly brand champions the bigger picture is that they are attracting outside talent for you and representing the brand proudly, after all, word of mouth remains one the most powerful form of influence.

Leadership and measures – how you can strengthen your work environment

Saunas, relaxation areas, childcare - there has never been a shortage of such benefits, but in recent years it has become increasingly clear at these companies that employees are mostly overworked, treated poorly, and that traditional benefits are of no use if employees are unhappy with managers. Recruiting is also affected by this because recruiting is not only about finding new employees but also about selling your company culture in order to retain talent for the long term.

In the following points, we will show you various ways to strengthen the work environment in your company:

Empower your office management

An inviting office is a tool that can not only help with employee retention and discovery but - when set up properly - it can also boost productivity. A Cardiff University study shows that plants increase employee quality of life and productivity by as much as 15 percent. Startups like plantclub allow you to rent plants for your office space, making it more beautiful. Providing fruit baskets, lunches and drinks also helps boost your employees' productivity and well-being. With such measures, the employer can indirectly influence the health of the employee - and only a healthy employee is a happy and therefore productive employee.

Strengthen communication

Through daily meetings, you can better address the needs and problems of your employees. Communication is one of the most important aspects of establishing a successful corporate culture. Also, try to introduce a feedback culture. Each of the employees should be able to raise problems at any time and also have the opportunity to express the good things, only in this way it is possible to identify problems early and satisfy employees. Learn from past mistakes and address them to strengthen better cooperation. The product and employee loyalty will be strengthened because all employees are involved and can thus better identify with the company. Failure culture in companies needs to be modernized and communication is the best way to do that. Managers should seek open discussion and point out mistakes to employees - in a constructive way. Ranting at employees or firing them directly will not help anyone.

Build a strong team

A company can only be successful if everyone is pulling in the same direction. Just imagine that each of your employees is a finger on your hand. Only in perfect interaction can they all move something great together. Try to form a team out of your individual employees. Useful tips here are team-building outings and employee events where everyone can get to know each other better and grow together. Good cohesion can strengthen the work environment immensely and thus also contribute to employee retention and retention.

Think about the future of your employees 

In order to retain your employees, it is important to respond to your needs. You will only create a healthy work environment if you give your employees a prospect for advancement and training. Happy employees make for a healthy work environment and in some cases, a promotion makes more sense than a new hire. Give your employees the opportunity to develop and grow in their roles.

But how do I measure employee satisfaction?

There are countless tools on the market for employee surveys. One free option is Doodle, which you can use to simply survey your employees about the measures and thus measure the impact.

Measuring employer branding with MoBerries

A healthy work environment strengthens your employer branding in many ways. A good working environment attracts applicants and helps your company in recruiting. With MoBerries, you have a platform that provides you with suitable applicants for your open positions. To check how your company affects applicants, you can also use MoBerries Feedback Insights to validate your actions. Feedback Insights provide you with statistics on candidate feedback. Make your employer branding efforts measurable and find unused optimization potential in your recruiting process.

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