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Demystified Green Recruiting – 7 easy Tips to get started

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Green recruiting is about communicating the company's commitment to the environment to applicants who are about to be hired. This is to address a target group of applicants who emphasize the company's environmental awareness.

Below we have very easy tips to get anyone started:

1. Virtual job interviews

Offer virtual job interviews instead of face-to-face meetings. This eliminates travel to and from the appointment and does not emit CO2 unnecessarily. Virtual job interviews are becoming more and more popular. This is shown by a survey of e-fellows.net, where 81% of the respondents said that they have switched to video interviews

2. Green mobility approach 

If a personal interview is necessary, you can offer the applicant lower-emission alternatives to air and car travel at a discount. This is also a great way to let the applicant know before the interview that your company cares about the environment. The applicant will gain insights into your environmental performance and your company becomes more attractive even before the interview takes place. Restructuring the company transport strategy can also be a good way to convince applicants. There are concepts in which companies offer rental bikes and e-scooters or have switched completely to e-cars. A study by Kraftfahrtbundesamt shows that the registration of battery-powered cars in Germany increased by 206.83% from 2019 to 2020. This shows how popular e-mobility solutions are becoming. 

Of course, these changes are budget-dependant, nevertheless, with such an approach, the way to work is secured and the commitment to a greener future is clearly shown.

3. Digitize your application process

Process Digitization can save your company a lot of CO2 emissions. A study by Bitkom forecasts a saving of 12 million tons of CO2 in the area of work and business for 2030 in the event of accelerated digitization. We all know the damaging effects of high-paper usage. Instead of using it unnecessarily, try using applicant tracking systems or have the application sent to you by e-mail. This also has advantages for the candidate, as it saves the time and cost of expensive application folders and mailing. In addition, through Corona, Green Recruiting can be easily implemented. Homeoffice has become a must-have in these times and automatically contributes to the green strategy.

4. Green Ecosystem

Steps toward a sustainable business start in your own office. The key is to look at your company as an ecosystem, balancing your input and your output in a sustainable way. Whether it is smart lighting management or recyclable office items, there are many ways to make the work environment more sustainable. According to a study by VMR the smart office market size worldwide is forecasted to reach 66.6 billion U.S. dollars by 2072. During the course of the interview, the applicants recognize the company’s commitment to environmentally friendly approaches. Useful tips include reducing plastic packaging, purchasing green power, and making sure new equipment is energy efficient. But how do you communicate these changes to the outside world? 

5. Celebrate your achievements

To get applicants to notice your efforts and communicate your green recruiting strategy to the outside world, you should market your green corporate identity. Post your successes on social media and show applicants and peers your progress. You need to make it clear to applicants that your company shares the same values as they do. According to the SHRM Report, 43 percent of respondents see a stronger public image as one of the top four benefits of sustainability initiatives. Employees will also help market your corporate identity if they hold the same values. Additionally, the company can incorporate its enduring identity into job postings to communicate its commitment to applicants –this is what successful employer branding is all about.

6. Stay Authentic

There is a certain level beyond which it does not seem authentic to share your efforts to protect the environment. When you communicate values like sustainability and environmental awareness outwardly but do not live by them, this is called greenwashing. A green logo does not make a company environmentally conscious. Stay authentic, because applicants and investors may notice this false play and this can cause customers to lose trust in your company. Your efforts should be measurable. 

7. Align events and benefits with Green Recruiting

Employee benefits are more popular than ever in the "war for talent" and therefore it makes perfect sense to integrate them into your green recruiting concept. The goal is to retain employees and applicants and make the company more attractive. Companies can offer regional food in the canteen or a railcard as a benefit. Additionally, a home office option can also help protect the environment, especially if the commute to work involves a longer distance. These options are not only attractive because of the added value they offer to applicants and future employees, but also contribute effectively to the company's environmental balance sheet. To involve employees, companies can also organize green events such as tree planting, combining employee events and environmental protection activities in a pleasant way to get everyone on board.

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