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Return of Investment (ROI) on Employer Branding – MoBerries makes it possible

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- For many years, this sentence by Henry Ford hit one of the core problems of marketing: how can the success of different approaches and campaigns be measured? Currently, there are some methods to track the success of marketing measures (ROI), but especially in (employer) branding, it is difficult to determine the actual output. MoBerries addresses this with its new Talent Monetization feature.

How does MoBerries' Monetization feature work?

This feature aims to monetize employer branding. 

Companies refer applicants via an individualized link. Non-hired applicants can then use this link to register on MoBerries - if they are subsequently invited to an interview or hired by another company inside of the MoBerries network, the referring company receives credits. These can then be applied to drive down future candidate acquisition costs.

Parallel to this, candidates move independently through the job market on MoBerries - via the referral link, they gain access to a wide selection of job opportunities. At the same time that candidates are engaging with the platform, MoBerries is learning from each interaction with a job offer or a hiring manager. For example, applicants are asked for feedback after declining a match. In the same way, hiring managers provide feedback when they have not hired a candidate. Thus, the density of information around candidates increases over time. This ultimately results in better job suggestions, as MoBerries’ matching engine learns and becomes more accurate based on feedback from both sides.

How do companies benefit?

A big driver of the Monetization feature is measurable and functional employer branding. In the past, the success of branding campaigns was incredibly difficult to measure and the biggest question was: How can I stand out from my competitors? Through MoBerries, this approach is not only cost-effective but also directly quantifiable - as you can see how many non-hired applicants have registered on MoBerries using your link. This reshapes how we can measure employer branding and its success. Usually, when a company does not hire a candidate for a position - the rejection email is the last point of contact that you will have with this applicant. Not any more. By communicating with the non-hired candidate and including the referral link in your message to them - the process is completely changed, benefiting the employer.

This makes MoBerries' Monetization feature a paradigm-shifting employer branding tool. Not to mention the benefit this has in solving the perpetual sourcing dilemma facing recruiters.

Another significant advantage: Applicants who you may have turned down with a heavy heart are not lost from sight – they are added to your talent pool. People stay in touch and if there is a vacancy for which they may be eligible, both sides save time in recruiting.

Access candidates you cannot find on any other channel

It is not only the large companies that benefit from the Talent Monetization feature. Precisely because the basic idea and the drive behind MoBerries is to enable more equal opportunities in recruiting, there are also advantages for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). SMEs that may not have the name recognition or the reputation of large companies benefit from applicants who may not have been aware of them and have only registered on MoBerries because of the recommendation of another company.

Recruiters benefit from faster recruitment on MoBerries as a list of relevant candidates is created. This is how peer-to-peer recruiting becomes a reality. Through active recruitment, the platform keeps growing. The more applicants MoBerries has on the platform, the more attractive it becomes for employers. New companies on the platform in turn attract new candidates. Since the matching on MoBerries takes place with the help of artificial intelligence, it is more likely that all parties involved - team members and employers - are satisfied. Word gets around and brings more middle members onto the platform. This creates the optimal upcycling effect, from which ultimately everyone benefits.

How do the applicants benefit from MoBerries Monetization feature?

The pain point that MoBerries wants to tackle is the following: Many companies only hire applicants according to superficial criteria. Those who do not have a good degree, go to an elite university, or have any internships in DAX-30 companies to show for it, are often passed over in job advertisements. The new Monetization feature is the next logical step towards even more transparency and equal opportunities in recruiting. Applicants don’t just receive a rejection but also have the chance to find many other jobs within the MoBerries network. Jobs that are guaranteed to suit them. In this way, employees increase the chances of finding their dream job completely free of charge. On MoBerries itself, they have a platform that centralizes all their applications without the hassle of emails and notifications.

Do you want to improve your employer branding quickly and easily by not only rejecting applicants, but also giving them access to thousands of other jobs? Or are you currently looking for a suitable channel for applicant acquisition? Then test MoBerries now without risk in our success-based pay per hire model. Find out more about our Monetization feature in our blog.


Are you currently looking for a new job? MoBerries is the fastest way to your dream job! Just sign up, upload your resume, and get connected with many exciting jobs.


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