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Employer Branding Strategy 2024 – 4 Tips for Success

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Employer branding is defined by measures that are applied to make a company more attractive to future and current employees. Marketing concepts, such as branding, play a major role here. If you want to find out more, make sure to read our Employer Branding Starting Guide.

Below we give you 4 useful tips on how to advance your employer branding strategy:

1. Analyze target group and determine media

Your main target group has already been determined - your current and future employees. But they may differ in age, culture, gender and more thus bring with them different needs. This is precisely why it is important to determine who you want to reach. If your company is a modern start-up, the focus is usually on a very young target group that wants to grow. To reach a specific target group, the choice of media is also a key aspect. For example, you can successfully reach young people via social media channels and your own employees via an intranet. It all depends on which opportunities are available and which channels are preferred. Absolventa found out in a survey that a third of the respondents use the company's application platform to apply for jobs. These and the following media are therefore useful tools to strengthen your employer branding.

2. Employer branding measures

Once you have determined your target group and the media platforms, it is time to define the right measures to implement the employer branding strategy. You can expand this with a content strategy and thus pass on values to your target group in the form of content.

Expand your employer branding campaign and convey employee-friendly content with the company’s online presence. For example, you can draw attention to your benefits as an employer and showcase everyday life at your company. At the end of every employer branding campaign, the candidate should think to themselves, "This is the company I want to work for." Examples of actions you can communicate through content include:

  • Employee Benefits 
  • Company's ability to take on feedback and improve
  • Promotion and career opportunities for employees
  • A Quick and easy application process

Companies should always think about how they tailor individual measures to their employees and applicants. A good tip is to look at them as customers and consider what might appeal to you the most from this perspective.

3. Finding and retaining employees

If the measures are implemented successfully, a healthy corporate culture will form from employer branding. This makes it easier to acquire quality applicants and retain current employees.

The goal of employer branding is for these same people to identify with the company's values. This is a top priority and also has a positive impact on other areas within the company, such as customer loyalty. Strong employer branding gives the company's brand character and sets it apart from the competition.

In order for a talent to choose your company, you need to stand out and clearly communicate your values. Subsequently, user experience plays a big role because the recruiting process - just like any other touchpoint between candidates and your company - conveys certain values or makes a candidate feel good or bad. One example is the effectiveness and speed of your recruiting process. Your company brand is strengthened when you are known for having a smooth and simple recruiting process.

Onboarding these new employees can play a critical role in your retention because an employee who can identify with the company culture is easier to keep. Do not just explain the job duties to new employees. Let them understand the larger mission behind it.


If you want to build a ship, don't drum up men to get wood, assign tasks and divide up the work, but teach men to long for the wide, endless sea.

– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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4. Check the process

Try to review your target state through KPIs and perpetually identify optimization potential. Your goals should always be measurable as this will allow you to continuously develop your process and immediately recognize what has triggered a possible stagnation.

Measurability is divided into three parts:  


For an HR department, employer branding offers the opportunity to present the company as an attractive employer. Outreach, in turn, defines how to leverage this potential.


In order to represent intensity, it is first necessary to measure how many people that perceive the company as attractive, actually apply. Meaning the company tracks what proportion of the people reached actually apply for the job.


Measuring perception via image matching.

That is, comparing employees' perceptions of certain employer selection factors. One tip is to ask candidates and employees for feedback, this can give you exciting insights into the effect your company has on your employees and applicants. This can be realized for example, by a small survey at the end of the application process or a recurring employee survey. MoBerries algorithm also uses this feedback. The applicant and job suggestions become even more accurate over time due to the feedback from applicants and companies. 

Learn more about measuring employer branding in our video article with Robindro Ullah, one of the Top 25 HR Influencers on LinkedIn.

MoBerries helps you strengthen your employer branding through a fast recruiting process and feedback functions. Try MoBerries today and find suitable applicants.

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