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MoBerries Employer Branding Starting Guide

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What is employer branding? 

Employer branding is defined by measures that are applied to make a company more attractive to future and current employees. Marketing concepts, such as branding, play a major role here.

What are the goals of employer branding?

The goal of employer branding is quite simple: a successful employer branding strategy attracts and retains employees.

In the current situation of the labor market, it is difficult to get workers, so the importance and priority of employer branding is constantly growing. It is now necessary for every company to build a successful employer branding, otherwise the company will not be competitive. The following statistics show the effects of poor employer branding, which can have far-reaching consequences for the success of the company.


More than half of job seekers stopped applying after reading a negative company review (55%), while only 45% of employers check their company's online reputation.

- CareerArc

To achieve these goals, it is necessary to develop a strategy and implement a structured approach.

The Employer Branding Process

The first step for a company that wants to further develop its employer branding process is to analyze its ACTUAL state. How does the employer currently appear to employees and applicants and what are the current measures that are being implemented? In all process steps, it is important to take the perspective of current and future employees and to objectively assess from this perspective.

Then, the company should define or optimize its Employer Proposition Value. This means asking yourself what differentiates your own company from others. Define your unique selling proposition and the values you want to convey to employees and candidates. In doing so, also involve employees to find out what makes you stand out as an employer.

After defining the EPV, you should develop a strategy and define the TARGET state. Define goals and deal with your future corporate culture.

Tip: Repeat this process, as most circumstances change over time and new perspectives are added that can significantly change the goals.

To achieve your goals, employer branding measures are necessary to help you implement your strategy. In our upcoming blog article, we will give you 4 tips to implement successful employer branding.

An important aspect of improving employer branding is its measurability. Learn more about how MoBerries can help you not only make your employer brand measurable but also generate a return of investment in our blog article.

Start improving your employer branding today.

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